Toronto Web Design

Howdy Torontonians! NineSix Media empowers businesses with complete and high quality website services that are cost-effective, timely and crafted with passion.

Who We Are

Centrally located in Greater Toronto Area – NineSix Media web design services caters to international and local businesses in New Market, Edmonton, Etobicoke, Unionville, Mississauga and Richmond Hill. Even if you’re just new to the internet industry, we are here to help you side by side as your website grows with your business. We have been working with new, medium-sized businesses and even non-profit brands alike to plan, design, build and manage exceptional websites and we want to build your business with you.

What We Currently Offer

Toronto Web Design Companies

Among Toronto web design companies, NineSix Media stands out from the competition because of our dedication to making your business a success. We listen to what you have to say about your vision for your website, and then apply our experience and knowledge in the form of handcrafted semantic code to make your online site shine. We understand marketing principles as well, and will design a site that brings attention to your call to action and appeals to your target audience.

Toronto Website Design is a market that is near and dear to our hearts at Nine Six Media. Businesses around Toronto area often turn to us for local, trustworthy, quality design services for their online businesses. We love providing affordable web design services because our host company,, is based in Ontario, Canada.

Our experienced web designers in-house at Nine Six Media provide top-notch website design services along with: website maintenance, web hosting, website setup and installation, Twitter background design and Facebook fan page design for small to medium size businesses. Our web designs are infused with passion, and creativity to the max. We love what we do-and it shows in each and every web design we create for Toronto area residents.